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Garth Notley conceived and built this website because dance should be shared.

Our Research Papers

At erratic intervals we like to explore aspects of historical Regency dancing we feel might be of interest to Regency dancers.

  • Please read, study, learn and enjoy.
  • Feel free to comment, if you feel so moved.
  • If you would like to add a paper of your own please submit it to us for review.
To submit comments or papers please email to editors@RegencyDances.org
Click on a subject below that interests you -
1.18/Sep/2013The Allemande Figure in English Regency Dancing
2.07/Nov/2013The Pousette Figure in English Regency Dancing
3.10/Jan/2014Wilson's Quadrilles
4.14/Mar/2014The Promenade Figure in English Regency Dancing
5.12/May/2014The Life of Thomas Wilson, Dancing Master
6.06/Aug/2014The Works of Thomas Wilson, Dancing Master
7.28/Aug/2014The Lancers Quadrilles
8.21/Oct/2014The Life & Quadrilles of Joseph Binns Hart
9.25/Nov/2014Edward Payne, Dancing Master (?-1819)
10.16/Jan/2015James Paine, of Almack's (1778-1855)
11.24/Feb/2015Cotillion Dancing in England, 1760s to 1810s
12.14/Mar/2015Evening Dress, Ball Dress or Court Dress - - - but don't Overdress!
13.14/Apr/2015The Regency Waltz
14.03/Jun/2015White v. Gerock, 1818
15.20/Jul/2015G.M.S. Chivers, Dancing Master
16.10/Sep/2015Regency Era Country Dances - Figures
17.12/Oct/2015Regency Era Country Dances - Music
18.27/Oct/2015Towards Professionalism in Historic Dance
19.18/Jan/2016Regency Era Country Dances - Form
20.22/Jan/2016Regency Era Country Dances - Embellishments
21.29/Mar/2016Dancing the First Set of Quadrilles
22.18/May/2016Nathaniel Gow (1763-1831)
23.01/Aug/2016La Batteuse, a Figure Dance
24.26/Aug/2016The Lowe Brothers, Teachers of Dancing in Scotland
25.31/Oct/2016Assembly Room Rules for Social Dancing
26.03/Jan/2017Etiquette Guide Rules for Social Dancing (1808-1831)
27.19/Mar/2017The Dance Collections of William Campbell
28.04/Jul/2017The Country Dances of Button & Co.
29.15/Sep/2017Skillern & Challoner, Music Sellers, c.1806-1825
30.01/Jan/2018The Country Dances of the Cahusacs
31.09/Apr/2018The Dances of Charles Wheatstone & Augustus Voigt











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