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Garth Notley conceived and built this website because dance should be shared.

About this Site

To contribute to or comment on any material on this site,
please email editors@regencydances.org

Garth Notley conceived and built this site beceause dance should be shared.

RegencyDances.org is a not-for-profit private company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales, company number 08954986. It owns and manages this website and raises money for research and the creation of authentic music for dancing. It is an independent and international organisation, not connected to or endorsed by any specific dance group

The RegencyDances.org website is a free learning website that demonstrates the dances and steps of the English Regency period through animation, notation, music and example videos.

The Mission of RegencyDances.org

  1. to help teach and promote the practice ane enjoyment of the English dances from the late Georgian to the Regency period (about 1775-1830),
  2. to find or create good quality and historically accurate sound recordings for genuine dances from the Regency period,
  3. provide information about genuine Regency dances of known provenance, and
  4. any other activities and information deemed by the officers to be of interest to Regency dancers worldwide.

Regency dances are danced enthusiastically throughout the world. At a recent ball I attended in Florence, Italy I met dancers from England, USA, Australia, Holland, France, Italy, Malta and many other countries. We are an international community and I hope this site will help build up a common repository of dances for all to enjoy.


This website is maintained and run by our small volunteer staff without any outside funding other than revenue from our music and your contributions. This project is funded by dancers like you, including donations from the staff of RegencyDances.org - because we think it is important.

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The copyright in the animations and page text and images belongs to RegencyDances.org. The notations have been written by the editors, largely from original source documents, and are made available here under a Creative Commons Licence so they may be copied and used by dancers or teachers for non-commercial purposes - but please read the terms of the licence. We never knowingly use unauthorised material. Please email me at editors@RegencyDances.org if you have a concern

We are grateful to all the musicians who have kindly allowed us to use snippets from their music.

I am deeply indebted to everyone who has contributed their skills and experience to this site and especially to Ellis A Rogers for oversight of our efforts and his book The Quadrille, the most complete and scholarly work on dancing in the Regency Period that I have encountered, written by a practical dancer, dancing master and teacher.












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