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Music by Our Friends

(Music by RegencyDances.org is listed on the other page)

The CDs in this list are available from our friends, who have kindly consented to let us include a snippet of their music to support the dance animations on this site. In return we include a link to their website when this is the case.

If you would like to add your own Regency dance music to this list where the existing music is by 'Synthesiser', please contact me at editors@RegencyDances.org - it's free and we don't charge a commission. But we do check the quality of the music.


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Music by RegencyDances.org

The Dance
Where to Buy the CD
Admirality all Aliye
Allemande Cotillion
Amateurs and Actors
Auretti's Dutch Skipper
Be Silent Pray!
Bean Flower
Bloom of the Pea
Brown's Reel
Comical Fellow
Croydon Fair
Cupid in Armour
Dartford Camp
Don't Wrangle Miss!
Duke of Kents Waltz (as a triple)
Duke of Kents Waltz (as duple)
Hole in the Wall
Jack's Maggot
L'Amour Fidelle
La Diligence
La Nouvelle Vergne
La Pantomime
La Precieuse
La Promenade a Quatre
La Rose
La Royale
La Sage Femme
Le Bois de Boulogne
Le Diable Boiteux (The Lame Devil)
Le Pouvoir de la Beaute
Le Rouët à filer
Les Fleurs du Printems
Les Quatre Nimphes
Lord Nelson's Waltz
Marly Water's Works
Merry Coblers
Minny Wow's Fancy, and Puggy's Delight
Miss Cooper's Fancy
Miss Denny's Hornpipe
Mr Beveridge's Maggot
My Lord Byron's Maggot
Odd Thoughts
Paine's 1st Set - 1st Le Pantalon
Paine's 1st Set - 2nd L'Eté
Paine's 1st Set - 3rd La Poule
Paine's 1st Set - 4th La Trenis
Paine's 1st Set - 5th La Pastourelle
Paine's 1st Set - 6th La Finale
Pandean Dance In Tekeli
Pavilion Waltz
Pleasures of the Town
Porcupine Dance
Public Thanks
Queens Row
Ramsgate Assembly
Red Lion Hornpipe
Royal Scotch - 1st Quadrille
Music by: Spare Parts
Royal Scotch - 2nd Quadrille
Music by: Spare Parts
Royal Scotch - 3rd Quadrille
Music by: Spare Parts
Royal Scotch - 4th Quadrille
Music by: Green Ginger
Royal Scotch - 5th Quadrille
Music by: Spare Parts
Shrewsbury Lasses
Speed The Plough
The Adieu
The Arcadian Nuptials
The Brickfields
The Dowdy
The Glass House
The Hop Pickers Feast
The New Academy
The Nymph
The Sailor Laddie
The Salamanca Castanets
The Sphynx
Music by: Green Ginger
The Weavers
The Young Widow
Thrash Your Fiddle
Tipoo Saib
Music by: Orions Ring
Trip to Bengall
Trip to Cumberland
Trip to Vauxhall
Trip to Windsor
Upon a Summer's Day
Wakefield Hunt
Was not that Provoking
Wellington's Triumph
What you please
Wildboar's Maggot
Wilson's 1st Set (QI) - 1st La Juliette
Wilson's 1st Set (QI) - 2nd La Phantome
Wilson's 1st Set (QI) - 3rd La Sensible
Wilson's 1st Set (QI) - 4th La Somnabule
Wilson's 1st Set (QI) - 5th La Bruyante
Wilson's 2nd Set (QI) - 1st L'Etoile
Wilson's 2nd Set (QI) - 2nd La Chinoise
Wilson's 2nd Set (QI) - 3rd L'Incounue
Wilson's 2nd Set (QI) - 4th La Bonne Vieille
Wilson's 2nd Set (QI) - 5th La Biche
Wilson's 3rd Set (QI) - 1st Le Lys
Wilson's 3rd Set (QI) - 2nd Robinet et Mariette
Wilson's 3rd Set (QI) - 3rd Les Pantouflettes
Wilson's 3rd Set (QI) - 4th La Brillante
Wilson's 3rd Set (QI) - 5th L'Elegante
Ye, Yo

If you buy their music, please tell them that you heard of them from RegencyDances.org

(Note: We are a not-for-profit company and do not take any commission or reward for listing any performer.)












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