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Making a Costume

If you have skills with a needle, undoubtedly this is the most cost-effective solution for the more expensive items. You can make as much of the costume as you feel able and purchase the rest.

Be warned, men's tail coats in the Regency period were excellently tailored and poor tailoring will show. For example, the turnouts at the lapels and the fit round the shoulders. A feature of the period is that the shoulder seam slopes backwards and does not go straight across as in modern garments. The fitting of fall-front breeches is tricky too. For both of these you will need specialist tailoring skills or ongoing expert advice.

Ladies dresses are easier though you must beware of some "Regency style" dress patterns as they are simply inaccurate. Fullness in the back of the skirt, for example, was an important feature that is often omitted. You can often adapt an existing jacket to make a convincing spencer jacket

A list of some pattern suppliers is given below, followed by suppliers of fabrics etc.



(Suggested by our Visitors)

Burnley and Trowbridge Co. USA
Patterns and Research Books, Specializing in 17th, 18th and early 19th Century
Providing the most comprehensive and accurate assortment of Fabrics, Notions, Patterns, Research Books, Shoes and Accessories on the Market.Specializing in 17th, 18th and early19th Century
Patterns taken from original garments in museums and private collections
Patterns for dresses and bonnets, corsets and reticules
Jessamynes Regency Costume Companion
Lots of information and links
Good selection of patterns
A good range of Regency patterns including a ggentleman's frock coat. Also accessories, e.g. hats, military supplies, jewellery, etc.
Extensive line of sewing patterns, books, cloak clasps, kilt pins, penannulars, buttons, brooches
Saundra Ros Altman\'s: Past Patterns
Historical Pattern Company
Patterns for Several Eras


Fabrics and Accessories

(Suggested by our Visitors)

They have a good selection of natural fabrics and will send samples
Bernie the Bolt (Wools, Linens, Cottons)
Wools, Linens, Cottons for historical re-enactment
Bernstein and Banleys Ltd
Quality linings, Collar canvas and Coat canvas. Tailors' supplies. Very quick service
Authentic wools for re-enactors
Fabric Land, Southampton & elsewhere
Wide selection of Fabrics, Haberdashery
H E Box Ltd, Wool merchants Surrey Close, Weymouth, Dorset DT4 9G
https://Telephone: 01305 839123 Fax: 01305 839338
Authentic wool fabrics for men's coats or cloaks, also moleskin and cavalry twill. Old fashioned company, best to phone or write
Lovely wool fabrics for men's coats or cloaks. Very expensive, but very authentic
Harlequin, Maningtree, Essex
A useful maker of flat covered buttons. They will also make reticules etc. in your own fabric. Telephone 01206 396167
Hasson Silks (Guildford)
Wide range of silks
James Hare Silks (Leeds)
Wide range of silks
Haberdashery Fabrics Basic sewing needs. Also, supplier of corsetry and millinery
Reproduction Fabric (USA)
Printed fabrics from different historical periods
Stephen Walters and Sons (Suffolk)
Wide range of silks
Wide range of fabrics - Plain fabrics. Their remit is for print and dyeing. Good for linings, calico, etc. Also silks

We are always looking to expand our lists, for the benefit of everybody


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